Important: Ben & Jerry’s has launched a low calorie ice cream

Do you ever wish you could sit back and devour an entire tub of ice cream, without the guilt? 

We're not big believers in the 'guilt' concept, and usually if we decide to polish off loads of ice cream – we bloody well will! 

However, it is comforting to know that on occasion, there is a healthier alternative that still satisfies that sweet tooth.

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Enter – Ben & Jerry's for the absolute win! 

The Kings of frozen treats have launched a delicious range of low calorie ice cream – and we're excited. 

Most of us are still attempting the 2018 health kick, so this is the news we need. 

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Moo-phoria light ice cream will account for HALF of calories that a normal tub of Ben & Jerry's contains ( just 140 to 160 calories per serving.)

Take into consideration that a banana has 110 calories – make the right choice. 

The delicious sounding flavours include 'chocolate milk and cookies', 'caramel cookie fix', and 'P.B dough'

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Still not entirely convinced?

Well, there's  also 60% to 70% less fat and sugar in these lovely new tubs, and no sugar substitutes. 

Moo-phoria light ice cream is also made with organic dairy – so really, it would be rude NOT to eat it. 

Pass the spoon.