‘I’m an enabler’: Khloe opens up about Rob Kardashian’s health


Rob Kardashian has remained off the radar for much of last year and after his notable absence from the family's thanksgiving photos as well as his hospitalisation, Khloe has finally offered up an update on her brothers health health. 

Speaking to E! News, the reality star revealed that while the family have never had a sit down intervention with Rob, she believes a phone call she made to him on the last season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was a pivotal moment. 

"We didn't mean to film [it] and it just happened. We filmed an intervention that aired…not so much like a sit-down [one], it was like over the phone and… we happened to be filming and we just needed to really address a lot of stuff with Rob."

"And it came to be that I'm an enabler because I baby him too much but I can't kick my brother out, that's never gonna happen."

However, Khloe is hopeful for Rob to make a proper recovery in 2015. 

"2016 I think is gonna be a really positive great year. And I think that health scare hopefully rattled Rob a little bit and maybe woke him up."

"I know it's only what January 7 or 8, it's only eight days of this year but I think I've seen such a great transformation just mentally right now. So I hope that sticks. Again it's only been a week, but I hope that sticks and I'm always praying and rooting for Rob."

"I'm very hopeful," she continued. "We gotta get Rob back out here doing his thing. We all miss Rob, he's the best."

We agree!