‘I’m a little anxious’: Pippa shares update on her second pregnancy


21 weeks into her term, expectant mother Pippa O' Connor has shared a happy update of her pregnancy in a post to her website.

The blogger, model and mother-of-one revealed that she had her halfway scan today and was accompanied by her 2-year-old son, Ollie. 

The 31-year-old, who is married to television personality Brian Ormond, was relieved to find that everything was going to plan. 

"Everything went well thankfully. Even when you’ve nothing to worry about specifically I think it’s normal for expectant mothers to be a little anxious."

Despite not holding back during the Christmas period, Pippa revealed that she is feeling healthy and happy at less than four months away from her due date. 

"Bump-wise I definitely feel a bit neater this time. (I do not know how after Christmas! My god I was such a piggy!!)."

"I’m still feeling well and have no complaints on that end."

We even got a glimpse of the baba from a snap of scan as seen on Pippa's Snapchat. 

While everything is going to plan, Pippa is starting to feel some discomfort but only has one minor complaint. 

"My only complaint- and it’s not even a complaint as really I’ve been so lucky… But It’s my skin, I’m getting constant break outs around my chin."

Even though she does not yet know the sex of the baby, she is looking for some name inspiration already. 

"Oh and baby names… We haven’t one boy or girl name that I’m set on at the moment. I better get my thinking cap on. Any tips on baby name inspiration?"