Idina Menzel opens up about John Travolta’s name slip


It’s been a month since the Oscars, but it seems that John Travolta cannot escape that infamous introduction of Idina Menzel.

Travolta’s confusion over Idina’s name went viral, as he managed to call the actress something that resembled: “Adele Dazeem.”

Idina has finally opened up about John’s name mistake and admits that his introduction threw her before she had to perform.

“It threw me for like eight seconds because I had done this whole preparation to make sure I really was in my body and didn’t get too nervous. And there was Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep sitting there make me so nervous. “

The Frozen actress admitted that she got through her big Oscar performance by imagining she was singing the Frozen hit to her son.

“So I was picturing my son Walker and singing it to him like we do in the bathtub and make sure I breathe — and then [Travolta] said my name like that and I was like, ‘Did that just happen?'”

John has clearly felt terrible about his mistake and has even sent a bouquet of flowers to the Frozen actress. But Idina is willing to Let It Go and is choosing to focus on the positive outcome that came from the famous name slip.

“I don’t want to keep saying it because I don’t want him to feel worse or anything, because he sent lots of apologies and everything that were really nice.”