Ice-cream parlours worth travelling for

Who doesn’t love ice-cream? Except Ross Gellar, obviously.

Some places have ice-cream making down to a fine art, and these are the places we want to visit!

1. Murphy’s Ice-Cream, Killarney, Dublin and Dingle, Ireland

You don’t have to travel far for scrumptious ice-cream!
With uh-mazing flavours such as Toasted Irish Oats and Dingle Sea Salt, Murphy’s pride themselves on their  ice-cream making, “Ice -cream that knows where it’s coming from.”

2. Perché No!, Florence, Italy
Their ice-cream is made fresh morning with exciting flavours such as sesame crunch.
No wonder it’s rumoured to be Nigella Lawson’s favourite ice-cream!

3. Max & Mina’s New York City
Are you brave enough to taste pesto flavoured ice-cream? How about a nice pinot-noir flavour?

4. Vaffelbageriet, Copenhagen, Denmark
Do you fancy a four-scoop cone with cream, syrup and a chocolate covered meringue puff? Because we sure do! Prepare to come down from that one with a bang.

5. Antico Caffè Spinnato, Palermo, Italy
Ice-cream served in a freshly baked brioche roll? YES please!