I weigh: Jameela Jamil is standing up for women being weight-shamed

Despite the rise of the body positivity community, body shaming still happens on the regular. 

While no one is immune to the pressures of societal standards, celebrities seem to get the worst of it. 

With the Kardashians dominating the headlines, social feeds and style pages of every platform internationally, they face a perpetual onslaught of body scrutiny. 

Not one to stand back and let s*it go by unmentioned, Jameela Jamil defended the Kardashian recently, after she came across a post on Instagram which outlined each of the KUWTK star's weights. 

Kim in particular was singled out in the post, which asked fans to comment their weights and to decided whether Kim looked as heavy as she was. 

Taking to Twitter, Jameela slated the post for promoting weight value and obsession, and highlighted areas of her life which were far more valid than her weight. 

'I weigh: Lovely relationship. Great friends. I laugh everyday. I love my job. I speak out for women's rights. I like my bingo wings.' 

'I like myself in spite of EVERYTHING I've been taught by the media to hate about myself.' 

Jameela began to receive similar manifestos from women around the world, and has set up a body positivity community iof her own in response. 


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Called @i_weigh, the Instagram page features women of all types sharing what is important about them – never mind anyone's weight. 

The posts are hugely empowering, and act as a reminder that all women, including celebrities, are far more than their scale reading. 

'I’m fucking tired of seeing women just ignore what’s amazing about them and their lives and their achievements, just because they don’t have a bloody thigh gap,' Jameela wrote.' 

This was the reminder we all needed today about loving ourselves a little more and never buying in to scathing critiques of our own bodies and the bodies of others.