Hurrah! Tom Hardy is the new favourite to play James Bond


Tom Hardy fans, get ready to go crazy!

The Mad Max star has been announced as the new favourite to take over Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Daniel is set to be replaced after his final outing as the secret agent in the upcoming Spectre movie. 

The British actor, who will next be seen playing both Kray brothers in the new movie Legend, has made his way up in the rankings in recent weeks, moving from 6-1 to 4-1 favourite. 

He is now just behind The Wire's Idris Elba and Homeland's Damien Lewis, who are tied at the number one spot. 

The soon-to-be daddy would certainly be a very interesting choice to play Bond, as he is a big rougher around the edges than the stereotypical 007. However, he's no stranger to play a 'posh' role, as we have seen in Inception… He also fills out a tuxedo quite well, might we add. 

Tom is also something of an action star, having transformed his body numerous times for his roles in movies such as Bronson and The Dark Knight Rises

Other actors in the top ten include Michael Fastbender, Orlando Bloom and Dominic West. 

We might have a tiny crush on Tom here in SHEmazing! Towers so we're hoping he takes the top spot!