Scientists want you to nap MORE and this is the best time to do it

Oh naps and the glory of naptime.

It is the time of day that people around the world seem to understand the importance of, but we can’t quite work into our daily schedules past childhood. Which is just a terrible shame really. 

The most frustrating thing: in our youth we didn’t appreciate naps at all.Why were so oblivious to the beauty of the midday snooze way back when?

However! Science is stepping up and giving us a helping hand with a new study. It proves at work is the best time to take a nap.

We had already thought this was the case, but it’s nice to know the experts are on our side when our bosses consider the practice frowned upon. 

The sleep experts, along with the National Sleep Foundation, discovered that for people who don’t have trouble sleeping at night, a short power nap of 20 minutes (anything more starts a REM cycle, which is a deep sleep no-no) between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. will leave you rested enough to tackle the afternoon like an Olympian.

Maybe not an Olympian but it definitely feels like you’re some sort of goddess when you can politely decline three coffees at 4 in the afternoon with a certain smugness. 

There is some bad news if you toss and turn at night. These naps can make you groggier than if you never napped in the first place. So perhaps before you decide to commit to the siesta loving life, consider sorting out your night time sleep schedule first.

Does this mean those bizarre nap desks could be coming to an office near you? We think yes!