Feeling sleepy? The bed-desk will allow you to bring naps to work


The case for napping during the day has been argued for quite some time now. Everyone was very relieved when science took the side of the pro-nap team which research that suggests that you should in fact be paid to nap.

The book Take a Nap! Change Your Life proved that naps can boost productivity, increase alertness, and improve your accuracy among other benefits. So, it’s a good that there’s a new desk design on the way that will make sure you can get some shut eye.

The ultimate desk-bed hybrid is a Greek design from Studio NL. The side panels fold out to reveal a mattress and headboard. Very sleek.

Designer Athanasia Leivaditou told the Huffington Post that the design was supposed to a comment on the emphasis people place on their work these days.

"The desk concept came from my time working incredible hours at university," Leivaditou said. "It's meant to show how much of our lives we spend on work."

It also shows just how much we love a nice nap when that mid-afternoon slump hits hard.

The design won an awards at the recent A’ Design Compeititon for furniture and homeware. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that the design is going to be available worldwide soon. *broken heart emoji*

However, there is another design that might take your napping abilities to the next level: the StudyBed.