Huge news revealed about upcoming Sweet Valley High film!


We never say no to a good Nineties remake, so we were delighted with the news that the Sweet Valley High book and TV series was going to hit the big screen. 

There had been no word on the project since the initial announcement a couple of years ago, but now screenwriter Diablo Cody has confirmed that plans for an SVH movie are definitely underway… and it's going to be a little different than we'd expected!

"Sweet Valley High is happening. And nobody believes me, but it’s happening," Diablo said in an interview this week.

When asked why the film had been delayed for so long, the Juno creator revealed something unexpected – the film will be a musical with an original score! Unexpected… but we reckon with Diablo behind the project it could actually work.

"It’s just that when we made the decision to do it as a musical, and write original music, that takes time,” she said. “At this point all the musical material is ready, the script is written. We just have to find the perfect director.”

As for the Wakefield twins, no casting has been announced yet, although Diablo did admit that a "a certain bad boy teen heartthrob" had expressed an interest in the role of Bruce, Jessica's one true love.

Hmmm… let the predictions begin!