How you know it’s time to call it quits

Relationships are far from easy and can go through various rough patches, but despite our best efforts, there are some rough patches we simply can’t get through.

You don’t fight anymore
Sure that sounds great initially, but you know deep down inside that neither you or your partner are really trying anymore. Sometimes couples need to fight with each other over the important things because when you’ve both stopped doing that, you’ve really both stopped fighting for your relationship.

Nothing works
You’ve been working on your problems for a while but sometimes its time to face the reality that despite your best efforts, it’s just not working.

Doomed relationship
Some relationships are just doomed from the start. You may have gotten together for completely the wrong reasons and some couples stay together out of fear of being alone. But you have to ask yourselves, what is really better in the long run? Being miserable in a relationship that is never going to work or the possibility of finding someone who could truly make you happy?

Different values
The more you got to know each other, the more you began to realise that two of you actually don’t fit. Sure you’re both attracted to each other but there are some things you can’t ignore and values are one of them.