How to recognise if your best friend is the one

We go through life making and losing friends, but have you ever wondered if you and your best friend really are soulmates? Here’s how to tell. If a particular friend pops into your mind you know you have found the one.

You give each other “the eyes”
You’re in a room full of people but the moment that one song comes on that reminds both of you of a random memory or past lover you catch each other’s eye across the crowded room and have an emotional moment of eye contact.


She’s seen you in every possible state
Whether you’re crying on the bathroom floor of a club or lying in bed dying of severe bloating with your jeans undone after eating the four “share” size bags of doritos, she’s been there. 99% of the time she will probably join you.  


She’s loyal to the end
Girl code is your bible, no time for “I’m so sorry, it just happened” if he’s off limits, she knows he’s ALWAYS off limits.


She always knows what to say
“Do you think his new girlfriend looks like Cheryl Cole?” “Wellll, yeah but like Cheryl Cole is so 2012”


You are waaay too close
You’ve reached that stage where you can be completely yourself as if she’s your sister  “Think I should go to the doctor about it or will it go away?”


She’s not afraid to start on your boyfriend when necessary
Sometimes they just need a lecture from a best friend and possible slap to really get the message…

If you find the one, never let her go!