How to prevent blood clots on long journeys

If you are travelling long haul this summer the chances of you getting a blood clot is significantly higher. Thankfully there are certain things you can do to prevent it.

Here are four tips to help ensure you avoid developing any clots:

Move around
If on an aeroplane try to get up off your seat at least every two hours. If you are driving, make sure you stop every few miles to stretch your legs. This will help keep the blood moving and circulating through your body.

Drink water
Make sure you drink plenty of water. Not only will it keep you hydrated, it will also mean you will need to take a lot more toilet breaks encouraging you to walk around.

Wear DVT socks
DVT socks are great for keeping the blood flowing in your legs, so make sure you pick up a pair. They are readily available in pharmacies and are great for giving you peace of mind.

Wear loose fitting clothing and avoid anything that is too tight around your waist. Leggings and loose tunics are great for flights – they are really comfy too.