How To Match Elle Wood’s LSAT Score With The Best LSAT Prep Courses


If you are very much in tune with the usual teen dramas, then you are not a stranger to Legally Blonde.

In the series, Elle Wood’s 179 LSAT score seems a miracle, an actual jump from her 143 initial test score, and it leaves a question in the minds of many who hope to get such a rating or even higher.

If you are amongst those wondering how exactly you can match Elle’s 179 LSAT score and assure yourself of a semi-smooth sailing into any law school, then this article is for you.

How To Match Elle Wood’s LSAT Score With The Best LSAT Prep Courses

Getting that perfect LSAT score is not an ordinary feat; neither is it a miraculous and unbelievable occurrence. In the real sense, you can only score better with help by using the top LSAT prep courses.

Are you still wondering which LSAT prep class would be best and most suitable for you? Below is a list of a few of the best courses and what they have to offer you to get that perfect score.

The Manhattan Prep LSAT Interact:  

If what you are after is an LSAT prep course that is not only interactive but also thorough and entertaining altogether, then The Manhattan Prep LSAT Interact is the place for you.

What It Includes

The Manhattan Prep LSAT Interact not only offers you access to all past LSAT exams, but it also gives you about 60+ hours of instructional videos that will put you through the exam questions. Also available is two LSAT “Actual Official” books, which contain ten past LSATs, three Manhattan Prep Guides with one for each section of the LSAT, and also the Manhattan Prep “5 Lb. Book of LSAT Drills”.

How It Runs

With guaranteed engaging and high-quality videos, a student hoping to match up with Elle Wood’s score gets to sit with a virtual instructor that works the student through every text that appears on the screen.

Not only is it insightful and engaging, but it is also comprehensive as questions pop up in the process of the interaction to determine the next area to work on. Asides the interactive videos, the available materials are also an added advantage to support the learning process.

7Sage LSAT Prep:

In search of incredibly detailed and helpful videos for those who do not have access to a personal tutor or a classroom LSAT experience, then 7Sage is the right path for you.

What It Includes:

An endless supply of real LSAT questions along with detailed and helpful videos that will put you through, particularly those topics related to logic. It also offers online materials providing extra guidance in the learning process.

How It Runs

The content that 7Sage provides is not only deep but also intense. It comprises of the Fool-Proof Method to solving logic games that you might not get with other prep courses.

With a pretty reasonable price, the course provides HD videos that deliver explanations that pertain to every LSAT question, and it also comes with an active LSAT forum where participants can throw in questions relating to the content or the LSAT and get answers.

PowerScore Test Preparation:

Want to learn from the gurus like Elle Woods, then PowerScore Test Preparation is the right place for you. Amongst the many versions of their course type, a good one is the In Person LSAT course that puts you in classes with instructors that got a minimum of 170 points in an LSAT Test.

What It Includes:

Besides the rich input of masters themselves, there is access to 45 hours of worth of online lessons that are on-demand, which make a total of, course books comprehensively prepared for interaction and understanding. There is also a simulation of the real test itself through 4 proctored LSAT tests.

How It Runs

Powerscore Test Preparation offers 12 lessons that span through 64 hours of classroom instruction. Prospective candidates are put through 4 proctored exams simulated in real testing and timed conditions, just like the real deal.

Blueprint Online LSAT Prep Course:

For those in search of an innovative learning approach to the whole LSAT procedure, then Blueprint is their best bet. It offers an all-round way to tackling LSAT from live in-person to online on-demand and a Blueprint App.

What It Includes:

Blueprint offers 16 lessons with three review workshops and three advanced clinics with the lesson coming in animated videos. There is also the Blueprint iOS App, which has put the entire LSAT into game mode. The classroom experience on its own has 76 hours of lecture, 24hours of taking proctored exams, and 12 hours for online clinics.

How It Runs:

Blueprint makes it possible that at the end of the day, the candidate will have taken six proctored official LSAT exams. They also allow students to retake classes in cases of insufficient scores to build the morale and the capability of the candidate.

To get the perfect 179 LSAT score as Elle Wood did is not an easy feat. However, by going through and using the right and best LSAT prep course, with all the available offers made, such as simulation tests and unlimited access to LSAT questions, etc., you can aspire to get the best LSAT scores of your dreams.