How to deal with your partner cheating on you


Whether it was a once off or you know it will happen again, here are some ways to deal with a cheating lover without risking your integrity.

1. Don’t show them your anger
Throwing things at him will only allow him to turn the tables.

2. Don’t retaliate
You need to remain the one on the high horse. That is important. He messed this up, not you, but don’t make it worse.

3. Do turn off your phone
Even if you do decide to give it another go, you need at least two weeks of space before any big decisions are made. Who knows, he might even pick it back up with her and you need to ensure that’s not the case before you go back.

4. Don’t drink
It can be tempting but drinking is a depressant and makes you do silly things. We all know that. And in a more vulnerable state, it’s a no-no.

5. Surround yourself with friends
Sometimes being alone can be, well, lonely. Especially after a difficult time with the person you spend most time with.