How to celebrate Father’s Day from abroad

When you live far away from home, either by choice, or perhaps not, celebrations like Father’s Day are not always easy. Here are some ways you can send your love to your dad even if you live far away:

1. Plan in advance
If you do live in another country, it’s important to take into consideration how long it will take to get your gift/card to your dad. Make sure to know how long you will need.

2. Skype call
Many dads these days are tech-savvy so get him set up with a Skype account (if he doesn’t have one already!) and you can chat away on his special day. Putting time aside on this day in particular will remind him that no matter where you are, you’re still his little girl! Aww!

3. Baby photos
If you are super organised, you can get your mom to send you on some baby photos of you and your dad together and make a sweet photo collage on a card. Remember, it can’t be too big as it has to travel and don’t use any photos you haven’t copied just in case it doesn’t reach its destination.

4. Delivery
Dads don’t generally tend to be too interested in flowers, but there are plenty of other things you can get delivered in Ireland and organise it from wherever you are. Perhaps a chocolate and fruit bouquet? Or a beer can bouquet? We don’t know any dad that would turn THAT down! You could even organise with your mum what time they are planning on having dinner at and YOU can order it from their favourite place for them.

5. Holiday!
Okay so this one may not be possible for many people living abroad, but if you have the means, this one could be really special. Book flights for your dad to come visit you in your new home, or  book some holidays for yourself and surprise your dad! The look on his face is not one you will likely forget for quite a while to come!