Hot-tempered rapper settles case with assault victim


It seems that the 18-year-old who accused Kanye West of beating him up, no longer wants to go ahead with the case.

Just two weeks ago, the 36-year-old rapper reportedly chased the victim after he made racial slurs at Kanye’s soon-to-be wife, Kim Kardashian.

Since we all know how heated Kanye West can get, his reaction to this incident was hardly surprising.

It looks like the Bound 2 singer will be handing over a six-figure number to settle the case – that’s right, a full $250, 000, if not more.

The District Attorney still has to make a decision over whether to charge Kanye with battery, but if he does, it will be much harder to make a case without a willing witness. This, combined with the fact that Kanye was defending Kim against racial abuse, will make a jury unlikely to find him guilty.

Looks like Kanye can turn his attention back to his wedding.