Horror as fans share self-harm photos for Zayn on Twitter


It was a given that fans would be heartbroken when Zayn Malik announced his decision to leave One Direction – but we didn’t realise things would get this bad.

A terrifying hashtag #cut4zayn has been trending on Twitter since last night and sees devastated fans sharing graphic images of cuts they have inflicted on themselves because of the news.

Alarmingly, many fans also urged others to do the same, telling Twitter: “the faster you cut, the fast he [Zayn] comes back.”

The hashtag has deeply concerned parents and mental health charities across the world, with many sending out warning to fans not to hurt themselves.

We really hope any fans considering hurting themselves because of the news receive the help they need as soon as possible. 

If the topic of this article has affected you, please don’t hesitate to call Aware Ireland on 1890 303 302 to speak to someone who can help.