Hilarious and Inventive Zoom quiz ideas

Like it or not, Zoom quizzes are back.

It's January, it's lockdown, it's depressing as all hell.

Woman in White Shirt Showing Frustration

And what seems to be almost worse than all that, is that Zoom quizzes have reared their ugly heads again. While at times during the first lockdown, they were lifesavers for a bit of socialising and fun, they slowly became messy, hard work and something we dreaded  attending. The same ideas came up again and again and everyone checked the same general knowledge, pub quiz websites, meaning the same question came up three times in a row to a chorus of weary sighs. You dreaded your turn as Quiz Master, the making of a quiz almost becoming a part-time job as you trawled through site after site for inspiration.

Well this time, we have you covered. We have some totally original quiz ideas for your Zoom round that are actually good fun, personal and a great way to reminisce about better times and have a bit of laugh. Rediscover the early novelty days of the Zoom quiz, by giving some of these ideas a go.

A 'Who is that?' round

Crop unrecognizable person with bright eye and rare eyelashes

Creep on the facebook profiles of all the people in your quiz and select a photo of each of them. Focus in on one feature, a nose, a mouth, an eye and crop the rest of the photo out, until you're left with just that facial feature. Randomly post them into a document (keeping the record of who's who for yourself) and number them. Your guests will have to guess which facial feature belongs to which person!

A 'Do you know your drinks?' round

Frozen Margarita

A great one to pull out at a girl's Zoom quiz, get photos of some classic and not so classic cocktails and label them with numbers. Have your guests identify the cocktail by look alone. Tip: the more traditional the serving of the drink, the easier it will be. For example, if you have a margarita served in a jug pictured, it won't be as easily identified as in it's classic shaped glass with the salted rim. Set the difficulty as you please. (P.S No one ever recognises a Moscow Mule)

A 'Who Said that?' round

woman covering eyes with hand

This one is one of our favourites. Creep on the quiz-takers old Instagram or Facebook captions (for the best captions you have to go waaaay back, 2011 to 2013 is best) and paste them into a document keeping track of who said what. Read them out to your quizees, including some of your own to throw them off the scent and have the guess who said what! A hilarious and a cringeworthy round, the memories will come flooding back, so this is one best played with close friends. 

A 'Psych!' round

Young woman with smartphone lying on sofa in living room

Ellen De Generes's 'Psych! app came in handy with our Zooms the last time. Sign everyone on and set the game; Our favourite is 'The Truth Comes Out' round, as it can be tailored to the players of the game. Questions like 'If ______ were arrested tomorrow, what would it be for?' bring out the best and worst in people's humour, and the answers are anonymous, so you pick blindly. Warning; leads to hilarity.

A Pictionary round

Heart with a red oil pastel

Set each player up on Kahoot, message them privately with their book, film, play or tv show and have them start to draw theirs on the interactive whiteboard feature on Kahoot by screen sharing on Zoom. Set a timer to add a little extra pressure!

A song identification round

Happy young Asian student doing homework and listening to music with earphones

This one is gas! You'll need two devices – one to Zoom on and one to play music on. By creating a playlist on Spotify beforehand, you can save yourself a little time here. I recommend going old school with your songs, and picking some of your crew's favourites from back in the day – the cheesier the better. But here's the catch – you only play the intro of the song. That could be three seconds or twenty, but that's all they get. Once the artist starts singing, cut it off and let them guess! It's harder than it sounds!

Famous movie lines

red cinema chair

Pick out some of your faves, a few classics, and a few curve balls – but make sure they are all well-known, if even just to your gang. It's no fun if you can't even guess. Have them try to figure out the name of the film, the actor, or if you're all major film buffs, maybe even the director and year!


Shallow Focus Photo of Woman Using Game boy

This one is another one of our favourites and works best with a larger crowd. Dredge up the past (in a nice way of course) and some of the gang's best moments and make them into questions! For example, 'When ____ and ______ started going out, who added who on Facebook first?', 'What song does ____ always request in the club?' and 'Who was ____'s first kiss and where did it happen?' It's funnier when you can tailor it to be more specific to your crew and you can relive all the good and 'funny when you look back on them' times.

The 'Date me' round'

Cheerful multiethnic girlfriends taking selfie on smartphone on sunny day

This final idea is a great one if you have a little time to spare when creating the quiz. Again, go back through old photos and Facebooks to find some of your oldest – and cringiest – pictures and pop them into a document, keeping track of the year that they were put up. Have your quizees guess the event, the date, the year, or whatever you like from these pictures and give points to the nearest guess. A great way to make some memories by looking back on some old ones!