‘He’s a player when it comes to women’ Geordie’s Gaz on TRUMP

Look, Geordie Shore's Gaz didn't hit the big-time by offering an insightful commentary into global politics, but if his latest column for the Daily Star is anything to go by, the reality star has been only dying to weigh in on Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the controversy that surrounds it.

And while the rest of the world have made up their minds on this one, it looks like Gaz is having a hard time deciding exactly how he feels about the business tycoon.

In a lengthy post, a seemingly confused Gaz lurches between celebrating Trump's 'success' with women to condemning his misogynistic behaviour.

"He's a player when it comes to women. He's a f***ing Silverback, in fact. The man has appeared in Playboy, FFS. I bow down to him," Gaz wrote.

"Their bedroom at the White House, should he get in, is going to get a bashing, ya know."

"He cheated on his first wife Ivana with hot model Marla Maples, then bagged his latest one while on a date with another person, yet that didn't stop the tiger asking for Melania's digits."

And while you'd be forgiven for thinking Trump had a stalworth supporter in the 28-year-old Geordie lad, Gaz then turned his attention to the recently leaked Trump Tapes.

"Hands up. I am guilty of locker room banter, but I am a lad enjoying life, who pulls birds and has had a lot of sex. Here's the thing though, I would never boast about forcing myself on "beautiful women", let alone do it in the first place," he wrote.

"We may have had our fair share of bell-ends (Nigel Farage included), but personally, I prefer our leaders not to talk about grabbing women by the "p***y". Gaz opined. "Mrs Trump, you are one lucky woman. Not."

In a few short paragraphs, Gaz veers between saying he would bow down to the Trump to slamming him for his predatorial attitude towards women before eventually turning his attention to the American public.

"You know what, America, there's a reason clowns keep appearing around the States. It's because having Trump as a Presidential candidate has made your country into a circus," he finished.

Well, thanks for that Gaz. It was as clear as… mud.