Heard of designers-of-the-moment Dee and Ricky? Well, you soon will

Have you ever wondered how it is that Kanye is just nailing the style game again and again?

Well, we found the answer, and by answer we mean a pair of brothers from Staten Island that are possibly the coolest siblings we have ever met (sorry Hemsworth brothers).


Dimietrus & Ricardo #DeeandRicky Photo credit @denisse_ashley

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Twins Dee and Ricky Jackson, grew up in a not so great neighbourhood with their grandmother, who they credit for keeping them out of trouble and getting them into the fashion world.

“Our grandmother, who is a seamstress, is the one who taught us how to sew,” Ricky tells the New York Post in the run up to their designs being featured in an exhibit called “Rise of Sneaker Culture”. Sounds amazing.

At the age of 15 the twins started to make belts and other accessories out of their Xbox controllers. Ricky says this made their designs original and quickly helped them to be recognised in the street style world:

““We had to find a way to distinguish ourselves… So we took our love of all things fun and colorful and incorporated it into our daily looks.”


Kanye wearing our signature #DeeandRicky LEGO Heart Pin #Ellen soon available on www.deeandricky.com

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In 2007, they made their debut on the Marc Jacobs runway and quickly after could count Kanye himself and Rihanna as two of their biggest fans.

Miley Cyrus is also known to sport some of their colourful designs.


@mileycyrus's her some LEGO Dee&Ricky's Thanks @marcomusicworld

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The pair’s customised accessories and trainers have been coveted by many celebrities, with Beyoncé being the latest to have requested a unique piece from the boys: a pair of jeans for Blue Ivy.

Dee and Ricky aren’t just content to cater for the celebrity cliques though, when asked who their dream customer would be their answer was only a little surprising.

“I would love to see President Obama in one of our sneakers… Like, ‘Yo, did you see what Obama was wearing while he was walking the family dog?’”

We reckon Boo and Barack would just love to bring some serious style to the lawns of the White House.


Boolin and Coolin.

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Right now the pair are focused on launching their site deeandricky.com and their Instagram page is an education in fashion.

We feel more stylish after just scrolling through their feed to be perfectly honest.