Healthy alternatives to cinema treats

Some of us have decided that in the run-up to Christmas, we might cut back just a little to make room for all the amazing treats we get to devour for two weeks over the festive season, but this can be a little hard when we don’t want to disrupt our normal routine too much, right?

Take the cinema, for example. New releases and mountains of chocolate go hand-in-hand, so what’s the girl with a diet goal in mind to do of a miserable winter evening when she wants to hit the cinema without chowing down?

It’s actually easier than we think to stick to our goals even when we’re at something that normally encourages a pig-out-fest.

It all comes down to simple choices and a tiny bit of preparation!

Swap #1

Resist the urge for your normal cheesy taco extravaganza and instead throw a bag of low-cal crisps into your handbag and a small tub of hummus before you leave the house.

Yes, it’s just as tasty and no, no one will think you’re weird!

Swap #2

Say no to a fizzy drink and family sized bag of chocolate and instead pick up a large tea or coffee and enjoy it with a health bar like, Nakd Cocoa Orange.

Since when was tea and chocolate NOT the perfect accompaniment to a movie-night?

Swap #3

Why not close your eyes to the calorie-laden ice cream stand and instead get your sugar and fruit fix by indulging in some frozen yoghurt or bringing a smoothie along with you?

We love smoothies and frozen yoghurt, we’re just not used to associating them with the cinema, so let’s start!

You’ll thank yourself at the end of the film when you’re not slumped over in a food coma and you haven’t sacrificed your diet for a few hours at the flicks! Go, you!