Has this married soap star been caught cheating AGAIN?!


Shane Richie, best known as Alfie Moon on EastEnders, is in trouble today as it seems he was photographed kissing a mysterious blond woman last week after the TV Choice Awards.

Shane has been married to his wife Christie Goddard since 2007, and they have three children together.

This allegation comes just three years after Christie forgave him for a long term affair with the woman who ran his fan club that was revealed in the press.

Speaking to the Sun on Sunday, who published the photo today, the source recounted the incident.

“[The blond woman] was running her finger down his chest and into the open collar of his shirt, then ran her fingers through his hair and stroked his head,” the source revealed.

"They were giggling and chatting for a full 20 minutes before they headed back in. But Shane stopped the woman and put his arm around her waist.”

"She wrapped an arm around him too, and he leaned in to kiss her passionately on the lips twice before they finally broke away from each other."

‘He then walked to his chauffeur driven car alone, got in the back and left, while she returned to the hotel.”

Shane's representatives have refused to comment, and we're not surprised, how can he get out of this one?!