Has Brad fallen out of love with Angelina?


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the ultimate celebrity couple. Together they are parents to six children, and they still find time to look gorgeous and loved-up on the red carpet.

But now a source close to Brad says all might not be as rosy as it appears. Brad’s psychic and friend Ron Bard says he thinks Brad “loves the children more than the relationship.”

Okay, we agree, a psychic might be a dubious source of information, but this is the same man who claims he actually predicted to Brad that he would find love on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith back in 2005… that has to stand for something!

When asked whether Brangelina are still in love, Ron said he thinks that Ange has Brad “boxed in” but that he would never leave his children. “He’s a man who made a commitment to six children and he’s keeping his commitment to those six children… Whether he loves her or not, [that’s] another story.”

The couple have been engaged since 2012 but there has been no word of marriage yet. In an emotional interview last year with Esquire, Brad said he had never “known life to be any happier.” That sounds promising! We hope for the sake of our delicate hearts that Ron the psychic is totally off the mark!