Harry Styles won’t be happy to hear what celebs got up to at his party!


Harry Styles celebrated his 21st birthday over the weekend, and true to form it was a pretty epic party.

Celeb guests included Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Rita Ora, David Beckham, Kelly Osborne and tonnes more. If Harry had his way though, none of us would have known he'd even had a party, as all guests were banned from tweeting about the £200,000 (€265,000) event at West Hollywood club Lulu's.

While most guests seemed to stay quiet on Twitter, Instagram was awash with selfies and candid snaps from the night, so we doubt Harry was too happy about that.

Kelly Osborne posted this shot of a photo strip showing herself, Harry, Rashida Jones and Cara Delevingne having some fun:

While Rita Ora even cheekily shared a picture of one of Harry's (many, many) birthday cakes:

As for this picture posted by Cara, it has to be the ultimate girl crew:

While nothing too scandalous made it to social media, there are reports that Harry's pal Jeff Azoff accidentally left the party's guestbook in the back of a cab, which passengers later snapped pictures of.

We reckon there'd be some serious juice in there!