Harry has a very awkward run-in with his famous ex…


You know that awful sinking feeling you get when you see your ex coming towards you and there is NOWHERE to hide?!

Well, just be lucky there isn’t a camera there to catch your reaction like there was for poor Harry Styles and his ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner!

Kendall was walking up a flight of stairs at the British Fashion Awards in London last night with her current BFF Cara Delevingne when they ran into Harry at the top. Harry is also rumoured to have dated the English model, though nothing was ever confirmed.

Keeping her friend close, Kendall smiled sweetly at Harry who awkwardly kept his gaze firmly on Cara for the entire exchange. Eek!

Another of Harry’s former loves, Taylor Swift, is also in London at the moment as she prepared to perform at the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show tonight.

It sounds like Harry might be having more than one awkward run-in before this week is over!