Happy World Lion Day! 8 lessons The Lion King taught EVERYONE


If The Lion King is the first film you can remember shedding a tear (or 200) at, you're most definitely not alone.

The 1994 Disney classic was one of the first movies which forced many of us to consider not only our own mortality, but that of our parents'.

And Lord knows, it wasn't always easy viewing.

But as a nod to the film which helped shape our understanding of life's challenges and gave rise to our appreciation of the jungle's long-established king, we've compiled a list of lessons which Mufasa, Simba and the entire gang taught us.

Happy World Lion Day, ladies.

1. Holding your pet like this will ALWAYS be a worthwhile way to pass the time.

"Look, he loves it."

2. Comparing your drunk friend to Ed the Hyena is the easiest way to describe their level of intoxication.

"She's rocking back and forth now."

3. Play-fighting with your next door neighbour could let to Netflix and Chill sessions.

"Am I alone in my thinking here?"

4. Individuals who sound a little too slick and a little too charming aren't to be trusted.

"Scar-level slick, though?"

5. The post-nightclub walk with the squad is all the better if you imagine it like this.

"I'm Simba – he's so sassy"

6. Human dads don't respond as well to ear-biting as lion dads.

"Your father's had to go to the jaysusin A&E."

7. Allowing yourself to cry for three days straight over a small voice whimpering 'Dad' will always be acceptable.

"He just… he just didn't… didn't see it coming."

8. Pumba and Timon's friendship will always be the benchmark for all other friendships.

"See that, babes? That there is #SquadGoals."