Guy spends thousands to look like Kim Kardashian

A 23-year-old man from the UK has spent over £100,000 trying to look like his idol Kim Kardashian. The results are startling, as Jordan James Parke shows off his enhanced lips, tattooed eyebrows and facial fillers.

Jordan says he has been a fan of Kim ever since watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians: “She’s the most gorgeous woman ever. Her skin is perfect, her hair, everything about her.”

In addition to the procedures above, Jordan has also had botox and veneers – even going as far as to try out Kim’s vampire facial…Jordan is also a massive fan of Kim's favourite make-up technique – contouring. 

Jordan also knows exactly how to deal with his haters, saying: “I laugh when people try to insult me by telling me I look plastic or fake. Do they think I’m going for the natural look? If I was, I’d ask for my money back.” That’s a good point, really…