Greg O’Shea opens up about his career plans after the Olympics


Greg O’Shea really has experienced the best of both worlds going from Love Island winner to hopeful Olympian in the span of two years.

Settling into the Olympic Village in Tokyo, Greg decided to host an Instagram Q&A session during his down time. When the question arose of what the 26-year-old’s plans were after the Olympics, Greg revealed that a career change might very well be on the cards.

While he admits that the Olympics has been his main goal for several years now, meaning he hasn’t been able to think about the future too much beyond that, the reality star did reveal that he would like to get back into presenting, following on from his previous radio stint with 2FM.


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“I’m thinking of possibly moving to the UK to try out some TV and presenting work again because I really enjoy that stuff,” Greg shared, adding, “Also, I’d like to provide you guys & girls with more content because I haven’t put any real time into that work.”

“This all depends on chatting to the people close to me  though and figuring out how I feel after the Olympics and what I really want!” he said.

During lockdown last year, Greg was studying for various solicitor exams as part of his law degree. One follower asked him on Instagram “Do you still plan to start your solicitor traineeship?” to which Greg replied, “It’s not in the plans at the moment.”


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“I’ve passed a lot of the law exams but I only did them as a backup plan. Just in case everything else doesn’t work out for me you know!”

“Law just doesn’t excite me as much as sport and the other presenting & social media work I’ve done, so I’m hoping to keep doing that enjoyable work in the future!” he confessed.

In the meantime, Greg and his teammates are preparing for their very first Olympic game as part of Ireland's Rugby Sevens squad, which is due to take place this coming Monday.