Gok Wan tweeted THIS and now everyone is judging their boyfriend


Let's be honest, a lot of our blokes could do with a crash course in romance.

Don't get us wrong, we KNOW they're a sound bunch and they definitely TRY to please us on the romance front, but we're women and no amount of romance is ever really enough.

What? We saw The Notebook, and it gave us unrealistic expectations, so sue us.

Proving that he is definitely on the same page as us when it comes to this is everyone's favourite stylist and television presenter, Gok Wan.

Taking to Twitter today, the 41-year-old Off The Rails presenter shared what has to be the most perfect moment in a couple's relationship, tweeting: "Just overheard a couple in my hotel. The man says the woman "You're more and more beautiful the more I look at you'." (sic)

Just like us, the lovely Gok's little heart gave a lurch at the sheer BEAUTY of the moment and he went on to tweet:" #notfair #wantone."

Surprisingly, the tweet divided Gok's followers with some gushing over the sentiment and others suggesting that the couple must be having a dirty weekend away because they're…shhhh…having an affair.

Ah lads!