Gogglebox family finally respond to THAT controversial ISIS upload

The Siddiqui family are used to remarking on other people's public eff-ups from the comfort of their own front room, so it must have come as a shock to realise they were one of the main talking points on social media today.

Grabbing headlines all over the UK and Ireland, the much-loved family from Derby found themselves on the wrong side of public opinion after a family member made reference to ISIS in a Facebook post over the weekend.

Sharing an image of himself and his brothers Umar and Baasit in camouflage gear before a paintballing session, Raza – who has made only brief appearances on the long-running Channel 4 show – joked that the trio were in training to join terrorist group ISIS.

The siblings, who appear alongside their father Sid, were then the subject of a police investigation before being cleared of any wrongdoing, and now that the dust has settled Baasit has addressed the furore on his personal Twitter page.

While known for his dry sense of humour, the dad-of-one erred on the side of caution when acknowledging the issue, writing: "The image on Facebook was meant to be light-hearted but was clearly a joke that was misjudged."

"We are extremely sorry for any offence caused," he added in a post earlier today.

Thankfully for the family, who are widely considered one of the most popular on the show, Baasit's followers were quick to offer their support.


"Instantly knew it was a joke. Some people are too quick to judge! Your family are fantastic," wrote one while another added: "Don't apologise it was bloody hilarious!! Good on you lads for having a laugh like the rest of us!"

"It was funny! I'm appalled that so many are making such a big deal out of it," added another while a fellow Twitter user remarked: "Crazy that anyone would be offended by it. I thought it was funny; you're all the complete antithesis of IS, obvs."

Looks like the lads can rest easy now.