Girl on the Train author is NOT impressed with Emily Blunt casting


If you're making a silver screen adaptation of a best-selling novel, you're going to want to impress the author, right?

Well, it looks like the casting agents for The Girl on the Train forgot to factor in Paula Hawkin's thought process when it came to choosing an actress for the role of Rachel Watson.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Paula admitted that her vision of the character was not quite on par with that of movie execs who plumped for Devil Wears Prada star, Emily.

Explaining that Rachel is an overweight divorcee with an alcohol problem, the author said of Emily: "Oh, she's too beautiful to play Rachel."

"They've done their best," Paula acknowledged. "I mean to sort of make her look a bit sh*t, but you know…"

Despite insisting that Emily's good looks defied her original image of the character, Paula heaped praise upon the actress saying she did 'an extraordinary job' in the highly-anticipated movie.