Gigi shuts down Insta TROLL for saying she’s lost too much weight

For many women transitioning from adolescence to adulthood isn’t the most the most enjoyable experience.  On top of having to deal with real life struggles like money (or lack thereof) for the first time, your body can change in ways outside of your control.

As uncomfortable as this experience can be, there’s one obvious way it could be made a whole lot worse and that's by having the whole world scrutinize every aspect of your physical appearance as and when it changes.

Having made this transformation in the public eye, model Gigi Hadid is no stranger to bodyshamers.  But just because receiving criticism is an occupational hazard of hers, it doesn’t mean the Californian beauty is going to sit back and let the trolls walk all over her.



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Gigi recently posted a bikini selfie to Instagram which inspired one troll to suggest that the 21-year-old has lost too much weight since she re-entered the modelling industry in 2011.

According to Elite Daily, the star was quick to shut down the bodyshamer in question as she fired back a lengthily comment.

Gigi wrote: “Bodies change as girls become women…Having my body judged over the span of the 4 teen-to-woman years has really shown me the human tendency to label and make uneducated judgement…I loved my body as a 17-year-old athlete and I love my body now.”


In the post the Tommy Hilfiger model acknowledged that she has lost “baby fat” but insisted that she has never intentionally changed her body.  She suggested instead that her weight loss is due to a combination of growing up, boxing training and work-related stress.

She finished by asking the author of the original comment to think about the women who may judge themselves as a result of reading online hate.

“Your comment won’t get me down, but next time, please think about the young women who may read body-judgement comments and judge themselves as they see their bodies growing and therefore naturally changing, too.”



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