Genius: woman replaces ex-boyfriend with cat in family photos

Break ups are hard. There's anger, tears, confusion, not to mention endless tubs of Ben & Jerry's. Pretty soon you'll find a coping mechanism out of the mess, it could be getting bangs or getting outy and meeting new people, or even just attaching their face to a punching bag. 

But 27-year-old Chloe Forsberg of Southampton, England definitely wins the award for best break-up clap-back. After ending a serious four year relationship,Chloe's sister Emily, took revenge into her own hands, editing pictures of a recent family wedding. 

Not only did she photoshop the ex out- but she photoshopped her cat in his place. 

Well played, my lady, well played. 

"My cousin got married and my boyfriend — we were together four years — he was in all the official pictures," Chloe told TODAY. "When we broke up six months (after the wedding), my sister thought it’d be fun to replace him with a picture of my cat. It was a joke, really. I felt a bit bad to have the pictures ruined with photos of him. But my sister made me feel a bit better about it." 

Before you go thinking that Emily is some kind of photoshop maestro- she's not. The entire thing was done on Microsoft paint. 

The cat, hilariously named Woof, joined the family when Chloe was just 10-years-old and has been a big part of her life since.

"We kind of grew up with him," she said. 


He was the best cat that anyone could have! Going to miss him so much #Woof

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Tragically, he passed away last year at the ripe old age of 16. 

As for her ex- he's in on the joke. 

"No hard feelings towards my ex-boyfriend!" Chloe explained. "We spoke about it and we had a laugh. Some people thought it was a bit of a cruel thing, but he found it funny!"

Boyfriends and girlfriends may come and go, but love from a cat is for life.