Gary Beadle opens up about his relationship with Lillie


Gary Beadle has opened up about his relationship with the gorgeous, Lillie Lexie Gregg.

Has she changed him?

The pair met last year in Birmingham and ended up getting together while on holiday in Zante.

The Geordie Shore heartbreaker has opened up to Now about loving Lillie: "With me it's very big deal to say that. She's the first girl in a long time I've liked enough. We're laughing all the time and having fun and that's why I had to tell her I loved her."

He said: "She's sweet, innocent and down-to-earth. She works hard – a lot of girls might want to go out with me for my money and holidays, but she's not like that."

Things seem to be serious as Gary admitted how nervous he was meeting her family because Lillie used to watch Geordie Shore with her mum. Morto.

He admitted: "My legs were shaking. There were 12 of them there – I was like: "Oh sh*t!" Her sister gave me a right grilling, asking me what my intentions were and where Lillie fitted into my life."

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