Game of Thrones star involved in Twitter war


Game of Thrones actress, Maisie Williams, has found herself in something of a Twitter war with British Airways.

The actress, who plays Arya Stark on the show, voiced her displeasure at being banned from the business lounge as she is under 18 years.

Maisie tweeted the airline, writing: “Denied from the business lounge again for being under 18 and without an adult.. @British_Airways sort your shi** out.”


The 17-year-old then went on to say that she does not feel as if she deserves special treatment because of who she is, writing: “I’m not saying I deserve special treatment…Just saying if 16-18 year olds are grown up enough to travel 5,400 miles around the world.. I’m sure we can handle sitting quietly in the damn lounge.”

British Airways responded to the actress by saying: “Hi Maisie, we’re sorry if you were disappointed, lounge guests must be 18 or older. We look forward to welcoming you soon.”