Game of Thrones actress’ hilarious response to being axed

Game of Thrones actress, or should we say, former actress, had the perfect reaction upon hearing she had been recast.

Aimee Richardson, who played Princess Myrcella,  Joffrey’s little sister, had previously uploaded a vine following the purple wedding claiming she was “ready” to return as queen.

She also uploaded another vine in which Tommen is seen saying “It will mean I’ll become king,” to which she responds, “for now little Tommen, for now.”

However, things did not quite go to plan for the young actress and she has been recast, with the role of Myrcella going to Nell Tiger Free.

In a hilarious reaction to this disappointing news, Aimee uploaded another vine where she is seen sitting on the street, wearing tiara and holding a sign that says: “Princess For Hire.”

A round of applause for Aimee, please!