French police search Paris home following Champs-Elysees attack


Police have begun to search a home in a Paris suburb following a gun attack on the Champs-Elysees last night.

The Islamic State promptly claimed responsibility for the attack, killing one police officer and wounding three others.

Officers on the scene, returned fire and the attacker was shot dead.

Eyewitnesses say the attacker pulled up alongside a stationary car and fired through the window.

Investigators searched a home in eastern Paris early this morning. Neighbours in the quiet, middle-class area expressed surprise and the searches.

According to the Associated Press, French authorities have identified the attacker as a 39-year-old male, but officers are continuing to explore the possibility that he may not have acted alone.

President Francois Hollande held an emergency meeting with the Prime Minister last night and a meeting of the defence council is due to take place this morning.

The attacks have sparked calls for Sunday’s French presidential election to be postponed.