‘Freaking out’: Selena Gomez is celebrating some huge news today

A career change could be on the cards for Selena Gomez, who has just secured an 'Executive Producer' role on a pretty huge project.

The actress and singer has gone behind the camera to create a new TV series which has just been picked up by Netflix for 13 episodes.

Selena's show, 13 Reasons Why, is based on Jay Asher's book of the same name, and although Selena will not star she will be heavily involved with bringing the book to life.

The book was originally picked up by Universal as a film with Selena in the lead role, but the plan has changed somewhat since then.

Posting a picture of her "team" yesterday, Selena admitted she was "freaking out" by the admittedly huge news.

13 Reasons Why is about a high-school student named Hannah Baker who commits suicide and leaves behind a number of cassette tapes explaining what lead her to take her life.

Using the tapes, Hannah explains to twelve of her classmates how their actions each played a role in her death. Sounds sinister, but we're hooked already.

It's no surprise that Selena's not committing to the TV show, as her plate is pretty full these days.

As well as recently releasing her new album Revivial, the 23-year-old has just wrapped work on four films – In Dubious Battle, directed by James Franco; The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving, also starring Paul Rudd; The Big Short alongside Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale; and Seth Rogen’s Neighbours 2