Four of the weirdest delicacies around the world


Travelling is all about immersing yourself in the culture and the traditions of the country; this includes eating the delicacies of the places you are in.

Here are the four weirdest dishes across the globe that you just have to try:

Fried tarantulas, Cambodia
The entire spider is fried so if you have a fear of the eight legged creature these may not be for you.

Live octopus, Korea
Yes, the octopus is still alive. The live octopus is cut into pieces before seasoned and served for dinner, while the tentacles are still wriggling around.

Casu Marzu, Sardinia
Casu Marzu is a cheese that is infested with insect larvae – sounds yum… Thankfully, the unusual cheese is now banned but apparently people still want it and is available on the black market.

Puffer fish, Japan
Not sure why people would eat this as you could actually end up dead. The fish contains todrotoxin which is 1,250 times more deadly than cyanide so you might want to avoid this. Not surprising, only expert chef’s in licensed restaurants can prepare this fish.

Remember, while these may be considered an acquired taste to us to others they are yum