Former X Factor judge gets death threats after posing with 1D’s Niall


Former X Factor judge Tulisa sparked fury when she posted a picture of her in a romantic clinch with Niall Horan.

Tulisa was bombarded with abuse after she tweeted a snap of herself with the One Direction star at a Disney-themed party to celebrate The Saturday’s singer Rochelle Humes’ 25th birthday.

Tulisa had dressed as a princess for the fancy dress bash, while Niall had gone for a Prince Charming look.

As the pair posed for a picture, Tulisa swooned in Niall’s arms in proper Disney princess style.

The 25-year-old N-Dubz singer posted the shot on Instagram, adding, “As if my little muffin turned up as Prince Charming looooool #bruddafromanothermother.”

Within moments, hysterical 1D fans were baying for her blood.

She was branded “too much of an old boiler” and “too trashy” for Niall.

One said, “Get your chav hands off Niall or die bitch.”

Tulisa hit back writing, “Listen crazy bitches Niall is my home boy from day, won’t take abuse off u nutta’s so pipe the f*** down kids.”

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