Forget the unicorn frappe, these Starbucks cups are total DIY goals

So Instagram has been pretty obsessed with the Unicorn Frappe lately, but there is a new Starbucks shenanigan that's about to blow up. 

Crafty mum and businesswoman Erin Maynard has gained a cult Instagram following thanks to her amazing adaptations of the popular coffee houses' drink cup.


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The creative has taken to bedazzling Starbucks cups in the best possible way, and is showcasing them online.

Starting with a plain cup and a stash of random embellishments, Erin created divine designs for the beverage dispensers. 

From a decadent encrusting of pearls to a striking statement piece based on Game of Thrones covered in swords, you can see the hard work (an litres of glue) that went into the embellished cups.


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"My little sister bedazzled me a cup for Christmas and I took it one step further," she told

The brains behind Storybook Cosmetics saw how gorge the cup looked, and decided to make a hobby of it. 


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Along with the opalescent cup and the Game of Thrones homage, Erin also tapped into our love of Disney with a delightful Tangled Rapunzel cup.

We need it for our next Disney marathon, tbh. 


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Feature image: Instagram / Erin Maynard