Christmas party food swaps that won’t ruin your diet!

The party food buffet is the biggest diet killer, with so many tasty treats that are impossible to resist. Rather than going hungry at that Christmas event though, make sensible decisions when loading up your plate.

Here are a few food swaps that'll drop your calorie intake without you even noticing!

Mini sausage rolls

Swap for… Chicken satay skewers.
Chicken is a healthier choice than pork – look for party snacks like chicken satay or marinated chicken bites that will still satisfy you. If you can't resist, go for a cocktail sausage on its own rather than one covered in buttery pastry. You'll already make a saving of around 33 calories.

Sour cream dips or cheesy dips

Swap for… Salsa or chutney.
Tomato-based dips pack in far less fat and are still delicious options – salsa has around 62 calories less per tablespoon than sour cream does. If you miss that creamy feel, try reduced-fat hummus instead of a dairy-filled dip.

Crisps and tortilla chips

Swap for… Veggie crudites
​Sliced carrots, peppers and celery are fat-free options that will leave you feeling far less bloated and handful after handful of salty crisps. If you couldn't possibly face carrot sticks at a Christmas party, try sweet potato or kale crisps instead.

Peanuts and other bar snacks

Swap for… Olives.
A cheeky cocktail or pint often comes with nibbles like peanuts or pretzels which are huge calorific culprits. If you can, choose olives instead – you won't eat them as fast and they are far lower in calories. A portion of 10 olives contains around 35 calories, while a handful of salted peanuts contains closer to 300.

​Cheeseboard delights like stilton and camembert

Swap for… Lower fat options like swiss, feta, mozzarella and ricotta. 
These aren't toally innocent but they are far better choices than creamy or blue cheeses. You don't have to say no to the cheeseboard entirely – just choose wisely!

Baileys and other cream liqueurs

Swap for… Champagne, Bucks Fizz or Prosecco.
Any drink containing cream is a surefire way to blow your diet plans. Spakrling drinks are better options, but again only in moderation!