Five ways to avoid the issue of frizzy hair


Frizzy hair can be a big problem for many of us, especially after showering. There is nothing more annoying and it can be a very big struggle when getting ready to go somewhere. Frizz can be avoided, and here are five useful ways how.

1. Always use conditioner
Conditioner puts moisture into your hair and makes it smooth.

2. Let your hair dry almost fully itself before blow drying
The hot air dehydrates your hair and makes it frizzy. Try to avoid using too much hot air. 

3. Brush your hair regularly
This distributes your hairs natural oils to keep all of your hair hydrated. 

4. Apply hairspray to your comb
This will flatten your hair down and hold it in place.

5. Don't towel dry your hair
This is too harsh on the cuticle and can cause your hair to frizz.