Five reasons why we just HATE a rainy day


Ah rain. We see so much of it here in Ireland you would think we'd be used to it. But no, when we look outside and know that we soon will be out there our hearts sink. 

For the rainy weekend that's in it – here are the reasons we, as Irish women, HATE HATE HATE rain!

1. Not to sound vain, but the wet, scraggy look just does NOT do it for us and it won’t look right for the whole day now. Grr.

2. Wet leaves+boots+rain = a wet sore arse. Not cool.

3. Taking a good twenty minutes to perfect your make-up for that big meeting only to see it float away in the wind the minute you step outside the front door

4. Public transport is always 100% more miserable in the rain. Fact. Sweaty, condensed windows and steam rising off everyone – Taxi!

5. Making the mistake of putting on lipgloss only to be removing your hair from it every twenty-thirty seconds. Oh the humanity.