Top make-up tips we swear by


When it comes to beauty, there are a few things that you need to remember to do in order to make your make-up go on quicker, last longer and look flawless.

Make sure you know these five make-up tips before you put any cosmetics near your face:

Eyeshadow before foundation
Put your eyeshadow on before your foundation. Powder always falls onto your face but this way you can easily wipe it away without ruining your foundation.

Concealer before foundation
Dab your concealer on areas that need it the most and then put your foundation on. Concealer costs more than foundation so use more concealer and less foundation.

Curl your eyelashes
Before you put on your mascara, make sure you curl your lashes. This way you are sure to have the ultimate curl without using five or six layers of mascara!

Always moisturise
Whether you have oily or dry skin you need to moisturise it. Dab a little on your face before you put on your foundation but make sure it is rubbed in first.

Never forget your blusher
When we say don’t forget your blusher we don’t mean you need to go out looking like a doll. A little swept across your cheeks will bring your whole look together.