Five kitchen gadgets we absolutely need


Whether you’re a whizz in the kitchen or not, there is no one in the world you can’t get some use out of a good gadget. If only we had these five in our lives, everything would be SO much simpler!

A portion controller!
We definitely need this, especially when it comes to pasta!

A cake slicer
Definitely a necessity for a fairer world. Why are the ones who get the tiny slice always at the end?!

Tea/anything you want holder
Say goodbye to balancing your cuppa on your leg as you open your packet of biscuits – this nifty little table on the side of your sofa will save you from scalding yourself with hot tea ever again!

This thing, that takes the corn off the cob
No more picking bits of corn from your teeth after dinner. Amazing.

Soup/sauce pourer
You know when you’ve made yourself some soup, but you don’t want to use the ladle to pour it because then you’ll have to wash that too? Well, problem solved! Though, now that we think of it, you’ll have to wash this once you use it too. Ah, well! 

images via Pinterest