Five interesting summer plans to organise with your friends


Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with fun summer ideas, especially if the weather isn't the best. Here are five plans that will make it a Summer to remember. Time to start making memories.

1. Random Acts of Kindness
You'll feel happy and so will somebody else. Get all the girls involved and make a persons day.

2. Go camping
How often do you spend your sleepovers in the woods? Don't forgot your onesies and marshmallows.

3. Start something new
Zumba? Rugby? Irish dancing? The gym? Go for it.

4. Take a midnight drive to the beach
Romantic or thought provoking, theres no better time to go to the beach. Yes, a little bit chilly, but great fun.

5. Keep a diary
The summer to remember which will definitely be remembered. Maybe don't organise that one with the girls though…