Five dramatic smokey eye looks we adore!


The classic smokey eye is the perfect beauty hack for making your peepers appear bigger and brighter.

It can be easy to fall into a cosmetics rut when it comes to your Saturday night look, but the joy of the smokey eye is that it can be created with a variety of shades and tones. If you're getting bored of the basics, here are a few great variations…

1. Add a pop of colour
Rather than using black or brown on your waterline, use a brighter colour to light up the eye. White, gold and magenta are all great options that add something special without making you look like Bobo the clown did your make-up for you…

2. Get out the glitter
If brown, grey and black are just a little too dull for you, go for slick metallics like gold, bronze and silver to really amp up your look. Apply some glitter shadow to the corners of your eyes and the lids for a super-dramatic look.

3. Opt for white
The word "smokey" suggests darker tones, but white, cream and other light neutrals also work brilliantly with a smokey eye, especially when contrasted with a dark eyeliner.


4. Say hello to spring
Banish the winter blues and brighten up your eyes with some gorgeous rust and gold shades. Bye-bye, boring black!

5. Vamp it up
Dramatic blues and greens are the perfect addition to your smokey eye look. We love this deep green shade:

All images via Pinterest