Find your upcycling inspiration right here!


We’d love to be the kind of people who could turn an old tea towel into an amazing floral hairband or some such, but we just don’t have the skills. That’s not to say we don’t try when we see these amazing upcycled pieces of furniture and household items! Check out these seven amazing upcycling projects!

Have a lot of old books lying around? Why not glue them altogether and make a table? It looks so easy – but sadly, we suspect it’s not.

If you can’t find a spoon in your drawer because of the excessive amount of forks, perhaps you could turn a few into coat hangers? You don’t have to be Uri Geller to try this one!

Isn’t is sad how all those Christmas biscuit tins get thrown out in January? Not anymore! Turn them into a matching set of biscuit tins for everyday use, or keep them Christmassy like this person did! Blake Lively, eat your heart out.

Again with the books – but how cool is this plant IN a book? No one will be in any doubt about your creative mind when they see this!

Stamp collectors – listen up! Stick your stamps to a glass jar and put a candle in it to show them in all their glory – so cool!

If you have enough jewellery to fill a suitcase, then this is for you! So pretty!

Bring a whole new meaning to ‘tea lights’! We don’t know how they did this one – but it is most definitely the perfect way to add some rustic charm to your kitchen!

Images via pinterest